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    Best iphone app to hook up

    Please best iphone app to hook up this error screen to vps26439. Please forward this error screen to bengal. Before you get started, you should first download the free Philips Hue app from the App Store just to have it ready. You’re not quite equipped to switch on the lights just yet, but almost.

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    best iphone app to hook up

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    It’s time to pair the Bridge to the Hue app. You’re prompted to do this shortly after downloading the app. Ensure the Bridge is fully connected to power and Wi-Fi via your router, then tap Search so the app can find it. You can optionally type in the IP address instead if you know it. For some reason, I’ve had mixed results with this several times as I continue to add more Hue lights to my home.

    Sometimes the app just doesn’t find all the lights. Instead, I had to manually enter the serial number on some bulbs and then it worked. Select your lights, optionally assign them to your own named rooms and you’re pretty much done with setup in the Hue app. Otherwise, Home should automatically list the lights you added in the Hue app and put them in you Favorites. Add Accessory to search for additional lights. Tap Details to rename your light or group it with other lights. Grouping is handy if a light in your home takes multiple bulbs.

    The ceiling light in my bedroom, for instance, takes three, so grouping these bulbs allows me to turn them all on or off with one tap rather than having to control them individually. Tap Custom instead to build your own scene. Give it a name, then tap Add Accessories to choose the lights involved — and that includes if you want certain ones to shut off for this scene. Press and hold the individual lights to set the brightness and color level until your entire scene is set the way you want it.