ChildUp Early Learning Cards Review

I while back I was given the opportunity to review two sets of learning cards from ChildUp. My son, who is two years old, is really into learning and is really picking up things rather quickly, so when I got the email about this opportunity, I knew that it would be perfect for him.

The cards are designed in two separate packs, one helps children with learning their numbers and how to count from 0-10 and the second pack takes them a step further in learning numbers and counting through 25. So far, we have only worked with the first set of cards, but we are almost ready to start on the second set of cards. My son is able to count to 1o, and now we are trying to master the number recognition from 0-10 before adding in the higher numbers.

1. Teach Your Child to Count to 10 Math and Logic 1

2. Teach your Child to Count to 20 Math and Logic 2

Here are some photos that I was able to capture of my son playing alone with his cards. I heard him down the hall counting, and went to see what he was up to.

This is what I found! (Super proud Mommy moment for sure!)

He was holding up cards and counting the animals on the back.

Another perk to these awesome cards is the fact that they also aid in teaching children about various animals in various habitats! This is one of the parts that my son loved the most. He definitely loves animals and I believe this made his interest in the cards that much higher. Each time we play with the cards together we start by looking at the number and I say it and then he repeats me. Then we count the animals together which are located on the back side of the card. Once we have completed that part, we move on to him looking at the animals and telling me what each one is.

I absolutely love these cards and can’t wait to move on to the next box! I know that these cards have done wonders for him in learning his numbers and counting.

Also, ChildUp also has several learning apps available for download via the Apple App Store or on the Android Market.

1. Early Math, Raise a Math Genious (available for iPhone/iPad in the App Store) or through this link.

2. Early Zoo – 80 Animals for Kids (available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices)
Apple device link.
Android device link.

I personally highly recommend both the cards and the apps to anyone with a toddler and older child. These cards and apps work wonders with learning math. Plus, they are fun and kids just play and don’t really realize they are actually learning! Pick some up today!

Atlanta Military Mom
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