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    Dating older white man

    Greta Martela and Nina Chaubal are a queer couple with a 22-year age difference. Dating older white man colleague Sarah Karlan recently rounded up the sweetest tweets exchanged between the newly public couple.

    Especially when you take man stereotypes of womanhood at either end of white lifetime into account. Provided that’dating older a thing, since it had become too expensive.

    The post, which went viral, has garnered a largely mixed response, but with a definitive tilt toward Aw-They’re-So-Cute-I’m-Glad-They’re-Happy. Depictions of significant lesbian age differences were mostly the stuff of subculture before this year, when a number of films pushed the phenomenon into the mainstream spotlight. Increased visibility for intergenerational lesbian relationships doesn’t only shed light on the public discomfort they inspire — these depictions also reflect the real-life lesbians who’ve been dating like this since the dawn of always. While naysayers insist that relationships like Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson’s don’t make them uncomfortable for an explicitly gay reason, significant age differences between lesbians aren’t actually divorced from their queerness at all — these differences are a nontraditional aspect of coupledom borne from queerness itself. Women who date significantly up or significantly down radically subvert heteronormative standards for what’s appropriate when it comes to sex and love. Misunderstandings with warped oedipal undertones often plague queer women in intergenerational relationships. How are you doing today, Mom?

    Myles, who recounted the incident during a recent phone call, groans. You want to put a stake through the guy’s heart. Myles, 66, has been romantically involved with a number of women a few decades her junior. M, a 30-year-old living in Los Angeles with her partner, T, who’s 19 years older, says they also receive some scrutiny when they’re out in public. Both women requested not to be named for this story, to protect the sensitive nature of T’s professional life. Strangers are always trying to figure out how they’re related.

    Myles has seen the landscape shift since she first arrived in New York City in the ’70s. Seems to be losing relevance and power, there are areas in which is an expert. Especially in a time when the amorphous idea of Queer Community — straight men think that’s OK to ask. Relationships between women of different ages are small and intimate microcosms of intergenerational queer connection.

    M is sometimes assumed to be the nanny. Race, too, is a contributing factor. M finds that when she does get prying age-related questions, they tend to be from straight men, who will openly question her and T’s compatibility. I don’t go around asking people about their relationships.

    Straight men think that’s OK to ask. Greta Martela, 46, and Nina Chaubal, 24, also say their relationship gets misinterpreted. The two started hanging out as just friends a few years ago, beginning with a trip to get their nails done. Women become invisible in the aging process. The great female disaster is aging.