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    How do you hook up fog lights

    Ever since the days of the Camel Trophy, adding lights high up on the roof of Land Rovers has just how do you hook up fog lights the “done thing”, although they do actually serve a very useful purpose when on country lanes or off road, and look cool to! There is so many different types of lights to choose from in many different shapes to.

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    For me personally I prefer the look of rectangular lights as opposed to round when high up, this is just my opinion. Whether roof lights or not were needed by myself, I though I would add them because as well as being useful, that look dam good to! Again there’s a choice here, whether to add the high mounted lights to a roof rack, or fit an additional “light bar” and mount them to that instead. The lamps I originally purchased were Wipac work lamps, I felt at the time they would give a good spread of light when fitted high up.

    When choosing your lamps, be sure to work out the current they will consume as this will affect the size of cable, relays etc you will use. So, I know what size cable and relays I needed, now I had to decide where to put them ? 2 relays could be easily mounted, but I decided if I could I would fit them inside car to help protect them from corrosion etc and be able to get to them easily. Inside the pull down cover to the internal fuse box, there is actually a lot of space you can utilise. As you can see I used relays with “built in” fuses, they are about twice the price of standard relay’s , but this makes the wiring a little easier and saved me having to wire in messy “inline” fuses.