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    Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the cities on the Illinois-Iowa border known collectively quad city dating sites the “Quad Cities”. Before European settlers came to inhabit the Quad Cities, the confluence of rivers had attracted many varying cultures of indigenous peoples, who used the waterways and riverbanks for their settlements for thousands of years.

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    quad city dating sites

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    quad city dating sites

    At the time of European encounter, it was a home and principal trading place of the Sauk and Fox tribes of Native Americans. The history of urban settlements in the Quad Cities was stimulated by riverboat traffic. These rapids were difficult for steamboats to traverse. As the Industrial Revolution developed in the United States, many enterprising industrialists looked to the Mississippi River as a promising source of water power. The combination of energy and easy access to river transportation attracted entrepreneurs and industrialists to the Quad Cities for development. The first railroad bridge built across the Mississippi River connected Davenport and Rock Island in 1856. After the civil war, the region began to gain a common identity.

    The river towns that were thoughtfully planned and competently led flourished, while other settlements, usually get-rich-quick schemes for speculators, failed to pan out. Beginning in the late 1970s, economic conditions caused major industrial restructuring, which disrupted the basis of the region’s economy. The major companies, agricultural manufacturers, ceased or scaled back operations in the Quad Cities. Factories which closed included International Harvester in Rock Island and Case IH in Bettendorf. Since the 1990s, the Quad Cities governments, businesses, non-profits and residents have worked hard to redevelop the region.

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