Weekend In Review (5/28)

One time, this quote was uttered from my lips, “I am hardly ever busy on the weekend, rarely do I have anything to do!”

Apparently, I should never have said that. Since that very day I said that, I have not had a single weekend where I just sat at home and had nothing to do. So here it is, another BUSY weekend in review!

Saturday morning, my little sister graduated from high school. What an experience this was!

First of all, let’s refer back to the comment about quotes above, apparently my quotes come back to bite me and they bite quite hard. Friday night, I made the statement “Olivia, if I have to park all the way at the red light on your school road and walk, I will not watch you graduate.” While being somewhat serious, but also kind of joking, I never thought I would actually have to do what I had just stated.

Back to Saturday morning, I had to get up on almost no sleep, was exhausted, couldn’t find what I needed for my outfit, see where I am going here. Eventful. Finally get out the door, I forget things and end up at the store for a BRA! Yep, I said it, a bra. So we finally get to the road to the school, and I see it. Cars are already parked all the way at the red light.

Side note here, the road her school is on is at least a mile long from the red light. (get my frustration?)

So we drive on towards the school in hopes that maybe people just parked there to not get stuck in the traffic, because only having one direction out of that school does make it a long process to get out when it is all over. So we drive down, and nothing. Every side of the road is full, they won’t even let you close to the school because they know it is full. So here we head back towards the red light, my initial DREAD!

And we park, pretty much at the red light at the end of the road and walk…..

It was insanely hot, plus there was Lucas to carry, plus his bag. Yeah, disaster! But we did it anyways. (I should have kept my mouth shut the night before, I have learned)

The graduation was long, it was hot, I got sun burn. It was a day for sure. But she did it. She graduated. We took pictures and then went to eat at Ippolito’s! Which probably made a lot of the pain worth it! :) Some of the most amazing Italian food ever! YUM! Plus we had a delicious cake from Great American Cookie Company! Best cookie cake ever, hands down!!!!

So that was just Saturday!

Sunday, was just spent at home for most of the day. Lucas and I relaxed at home while Scott worked. (It was kind of nice to just chill at home)

Then once Scott got off we went to eat dinner at his parent’s house. Jamie and Jamie are home this weekend! We had dinner and then sat around and talked and Lucas played! It was a fun night! Good end to the weekend.

Oh wait, it is not really the end of the weekend! It is Memorial Day! But when you stay at home, it is always like the weekend, plus we are not doing anything. Scott is working, so yeah.

Happy Memorial Day!

Remember what the meaning of today is. Remember all the fallen soldiers who never made it back home to their families. They are the real heros. But while you are at it, thank a soldier for what they are doing. They were not forced to do it, they chose it. They deserve to be thanked.

Thank you to everyone who has fought and still is fighting for this country. Now and before. And thank you to those men and women who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice. A special thanks to my hubby for fighting for this country. He will be over again at the end of this year. I am so proud of him for making the choices he did. And to all my friends whose husband’s have served or still are, thank you!

You are all heros in my book.

Atlanta Military Mom
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